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PowertoKirby, 9/23/20- Feels like you're hanging with a friend

This podcast not only feels like I’m hanging out with one of my best friends, this includes the guests she has on, but I get so much helpful information. She talks about mental health in a way that’s relatable and non threatening. She also integrates pop culture, current events and just overall fun topics with what can sometimes being an extremely heavy topic. Love it!

Dianora, 10/22/20- The BEST!

This podcast is awesome. Brenna really connects with her audience and it feels like she’s talking to me. She brings on awesome guest speakers and they talk about so many different topics. Mental heath has always been important but there is so much work to do in terms of talking about it. This podcast addresses that directly by tackling issues openly and candidly. They keep it real and super relatable. Definitely recommended!

kayduguay, 10/15/20- 10/10 Recommend

Great podcast! Relatable, witty, and insightful. Super helpful for people to both listen and share their experiences. Mental health is not always an easy topic but this podcast brings it to light in all the best ways. 10/10 recommend.

lindagurly, 10/02/20- BEST POD EVER

This podcast has been a life changer for me! I feel like I’m hanging with my friend while also getting great advice. So funny, so real, I’m hooked.

SF Creative Cravings Pod, 11/05/20- The refreshing talk I need

Brenna, the un-sugarcoated way you relate to your guests and the honest discussions you have in your episodes truly lives up to the title of your pod. Love the complementary upbeat music. You truly show your guests respect by knowing details of their story ahead of your conversation. I haven’t listened to a podcast where guests share about their mental health openly so I am loving it. It makes me smile to hear you open up your chats with a simple “how are you today?”

sisterhood friends, 11/05/20- Loving this show! 🙌🏽

I’m a huge therapy advocate, so naturally I LOVE this podcast and low key wish Brenna was my therapist 🤣 This podcast is doing an incredible job of breaking down mental health stigmas, which is soooo FCKN important!!! I love Brenna’s honest and blunt approach to discussing important topics, with the added touch of humor! Props to you, Brenna! 💗

fcm_10, 9/30/20- Love this podcast!!

Brenna is real and she always keeps me laughing! Highly recommend listening. This podcast is part of my daily routine. Mental health is so important to talk about it and each episode is so informative!!!

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