"She talks about real fckn things like a real fckn person."



has been an independent, outgoing and ambitious individual for as long as she (or anyone who knows her) can remember. Born and raised on Long Island, NY, she has always had a “go-getter” attitude, and is not afraid to take risks to go after her dreams. After receiving her undergraduate degree in psychology, she was unsure what she wanted to do. Through a friend, she heard about a program at Hofstra University for Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling. Once she met with the program director, she was sold! She completed the program in 2020 and currently works in a private practice doing mental health counseling.

For those of you who are into the woo-woo side of things, Brenna's sun sign is Cancer, moon sign is Capricorn, & rising sign is Aquarius. She's a 2 on The Enneagram, her Human Design is A Projector, and her Myers-Briggs is INFP. When she’s not in the office or working on RFT, she can be found belly laughing with her boyfriend, Pat, or spending time with friends. Brenna enjoys (needs) coffee every morning, and is always down to go to the beach. Her guilty pleasure is watching any & all of the Real Housewives (she doesn’t discriminate) and eating copious amounts of Reese’s peanut butter cups.

"I love Brenna’s honest and blunt approach to discussing important topics, with the added touch of humor."