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Season 2, Episode 15

with Jessica Kent

Jessica is a prison reform activist and on today’s podcast, she tells her own experience of giving birth to her first child while in still prison and how her bravery has manifested in to motivation. Upon the arrival of her baby girl, Micah, Jess’ life completely changed, and she was determined to become the mother Micah deserved.

the other

fckn half

Season 2, Episode 12

with Meredith Boggs

Brenna & guest, Meredith Boggs, break down how our personal enneagrams can teach us how to navigate our relationships and self care fitting to who we really are- and how giving light to the “non-instagram friendly” moments in life will make us all feel more connected and authentic

allergic to

fckn water

Season 2, Episode 9

with Tessa Hansen-Smith

Tessa has been diagnosed with Aquagenic Urticaria, AKA an allergy to water. Tessa is nothing short of an absolute FCKN rockstar, despite all the difficulties that comes with AU- one that triggers severe reactions even from her own sweat and tears.

laughter is the best

fckn medicine

Season 2, Episode 6

with Jaime Chaifetz

Brenna chats with Jaime Chaifetz, she has schizoaffective disorder and struggled for years trying to find a way to help manage her symptoms. Oddly enough, the only cure that silenced the voices in her head and helped with her mania was... Lyme Disease medication. Jaime shares her story, as well as the most helpful coping skill she utilized; laughter.

Unmask your

fckn feelings

Season 2, Episode 3

with JJ Lee

Brenna speaks with JJ Lee, founder and CEO of the Non profit organization United We Mask. JJ’s goal is to not only educate on the importance of masks during the pandemic but also provide them for essential workers and first responders. JJ has also started the campaign Unmask Your Feelings, to advocate for the importance of taking care of your mental health during times like this (the year that shall not be named)



Season 1, Episode 31

with Ailis, Jenna, & Nadia

Last episode of Season 1?! Where does the time go? Brenna and Ailis, joined by friends Jenna & Nadia, reflect on the craziness that was 2020. They share what they learned, how they grew, and what they're taking away.

Dumped on my FCKN birthday

Season 1, Episode 28

with Lindsey Metselaar

Lindsey Metselaar is the host of the millennial dating podcast, We Met At Acme & the creator of the instagram account @DontExpectSalads. Lindsey shares her experience of having an unhealthy relationship with mairjuana and alcohol, how it affected her dating life, and how Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy changed her life.



Season 1, Episode 25

with Krista Williams

Krista Williams and Brenna know each other from the Almost 30 Podcast Accelerator Program Brenna took part in! Krista shares what her upbringing is like, how her and Lindsey started Almost 30, and how to navigate being a female entrepreneur. Krista also touches on her mother wound, what that is, and how she's healed hers.

Thank you for being

a FCKN friend

Season 1, Episode 22

with Lauren Larkin

Lauren and Brenna are besties for the resties, and they also happen to both be mental health counselors in NY! In this episode, L+B sit down to discuss how friendships evolve throughout your 20’s & 30’s, how to cope when you have a falling out with a friend, and how to nurture the important friendships in your life.


shrink chicks

Season 1, Episode 19

with EmmaLee & Jen

EmmaLee & Jen, owners of The Therapy Group, as well as hosts of ShrinkChicks Podcast, join Brenna to discuss the highs and lows of being a mental health professional, the challenges of teletherapy, and how they need to start taking their own FCKN advice.

steadily turning into a heavy sob in the FCKN club

Season 1, Episode 16

with Ailis DeTommaso

Ailis is back for another nonsensical RFT episode. Brenna and her discuss the differences between Millennials & Gen Z and laugh along the way.

berning in FCKN 


Season 1, Episode 13

with Hannah Berner

Hannah Berner is one of the cast members on Bravo TV's Summer House, Bravo TV's Chat Room, host of Berning in Hell Podcast and comedian (holy shit does this girl ever stop?) Hannah discusses how playing competitive tennis impacted her mental health, and how her mental health has fluctuated since becoming popular across the globe.

still cryin in the 

FCKN club


Season 1, Episode 10

with Ailis DeTommaso


Another episode with producer, Ailis DeTommaso. If you need to laugh; this ones for you!



Season 1, Episode 7

with Alexandra Eva May

Brenna chats with Alexandra Eva May, creator of @thesplendidpath. Alexandra has grown popular on social media due to her openness about life after divorce & what it was like for her being in a toxic relationship. As a mental health advocate, she knows the best way to help others is to share our own story.



Season 1, Episode 4

with Jacob Newton

Jacob Newton is an ex NHL player who shares his story of being sexually abused as a child. The demons followed him to the edge of the NHL and all through the pro ranks before he finally faced them head-on. Brenna and Jacob discuss how things we went through in childhood greatly affect us as adults.

the FCKN 


Season 1, Episode 1

with Heather O'Brien

Heather O'Brien is a National Marketing Director for the Juice Plus+ Company. She shares her husband's story of being abused by a priest as a young child and trauma blocking it all out until adulthood. Heather explains what it was like for her to be married with 3 young children and also have this massive discovery at the same time.

IT's fckn


Season 2, Episode 14

with Paige Boner

On this week's episode of RFT, Brenna is so happy to chat with Paige Boner (say whatever you want, she's heard it all). Paige is the host of mental health podcast It’s Hard- yes, before you ask, she is a total genius. But not only is It's Hard an excellent play on words but it's the honest truth about the challenges we face in all of our lives.


RIGHT fckn way

Season 2, Episode 11

with Staci Benaroya

Brenna is over the moon ‘cause she gets to chat with Staci Benaroya, a Modern Psychodynamic Therapist based in NYC. Not only are Brenna and Staci passionate about all things boundaries and breaking down anxiety but they also take great pride in learning how to chill the FCK out

where are they? Oh right,

cryin in the fckn club

Season 2, Episode 8

with Ailis DeTommaso

Brenna & Ailis delve into the heavy reality behind the feelings of both guilt and shame, along with their evolution from child-adulthood. From making new friends to getting your first period, The girls discuss all that comes along with the flawed nature of humans.

dear ms. trauma,

this fckn one's for you

Season 2, Episode 5

with Lauren Larkin

Brenna and Lauren sit down to talk all about trauma; how to cope with it, how to heal from it & more



Season 2, Episode 2

with Chelsea Glaser

Brenna chats with Chelsea Glaser about her company, Focused By Fredi. Fredi is an all natural nootropic supplement that Brenna swears by! Chelsea discusses how burn out and a lack of self care led her to creating a company focused on overall wellness.

Time to get body

fckn positive

Season 1, Episode 30

with Francesca Archila

Brenna talks with Health and Wellness influencer and creator Francesca Archila about not only her road to recovery from an eating disorder but her road to unapologetic body positivity. Francesca delves deep into the work it took to gain a new perspective on her appearance, as well as the priorities she felt begin to shift as her resilience continued.

let's talk FCKN 


Season 1 Episode 27

with Olivia Bowser

Olivia Bowser, Founder & CEO of Liberate joins Brenna to chat about all things wellness. Liberate is a mental wellness studio located in LA, but is available everywhere thanks to their virtual classes. (For 10% off your first class use code XBRENNA)

comedy is my FCKN 


Season 1, Episode 24

with Danny Murphy

Danny Murphy is a comedian & writer currently living in NYC. He is the host of Not Another True Crime Podcast & the IGTV show Venti Vents. He discusses his experience losing his father to suicide and how it affected him.



Season 1, Episode 21

with Cameron Rogers

Cameron Rogers, better known as Freckled Foodie, chats with Brenna about her approach to healthy living & body positivity. They discuss the negative effects of using filters on social media, and her experience on medication for her anxiety.

Check your ego at the


Season 1, Episode 18

with LaToya D

LaToya D is the host of The Analog Girl Podcast. Brenna & LaToya have a well overdue conversation about race, the #BlackLivesMatter movement & how to navigate having tough conversations about racism.

dirty FCKN 


Season 1, Episode 15

with Terra & Debra Newell

Brenna is joined by Terra & Debra Newell. Their experience dealing with a narcissist was the inspiration behind USA's Dirty John. They both explain how John impacted their life and how their relationship was impacted. Brenna and Terra talk about Narcissistic Personality Disorder & how to deal with them.

shit you should 

FCKN care about

Season 1, Episode 12

with Liv

Liv is one of the founders of the widely popular brand Shit You Should Care About and host of The Shit Show Podcast. Brenna and Liv discuss their own experiences with anxiety and how it manifests in ways that are weird AF.

change your 

FCKN mindset

Season 1, Episode 9

with Legacy Partnership

Brenna chats with her friends across the pond, Dave & Robert! As the founders of Legacy Partnership, they help men release their "inner wolf" to break free from anxiety and depression to achieve the life they always dreamed of. Dave and Robert share how Legacy Partnership came to be.

how to FCKN talk about mental health

Season 1, Episode 6

with Natalie Petrone

Natalie Petrone is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy in Mental Health and also Brennas longtime gal pal! Natalie shares her experience being an OT in the Mental Health field and how it's affected her own mental health along the way.

not a

FCKN victim

Season 1, Episode 3

with Kelsey Nass

Kelsey Nass was a freshman at the University of Amherst thinking she was about to have the best year of her life. In reality, Kelsey was about to have a traumatic experience being sexually assaulted & dealing with officials in higher education trying to shut her up. Kelsey discusses the night in detail and shares that rape isn't treated like the crime it is and how we must rebrand our rhetoric of sexual assault at the university & societal levels.

what the FCK 

am i doing?

Season 1, Episode 0

with Brenna Guinan

Meet Brenna!

fckn Survivor,

not a fckn victim

Season 2, Episode 13

with Maren Earn

Maren reveals her experience of being kidnapped for almost 100 days, and the brutal trauma that followed her as a victim of human trafficking years after being saved. Maren’s tragic story reminds us the importance of recognizing and facing what we’re the most scared of- and the strength that grows from that.

a hug or a

fckn handshake

Season 2, Episode 10

with Victoria Troost

Brenna talks with friend and brunette hottie with a swimmers body, Victoria Troost.  Victoria speaks openly about living with Bipolar II disorder and how her diagnosis affects her daily life.

kicked off the

fckn team

Season 2, Episode 7

with Morgan Urso

When Morgan voices her struggles to someone she considered a mentor, the response she received was less than ideal when she ended up being cut off from her hockey team and teammates. But when Morgan felt her greatest support system fade away, she did everything but give up.

it's in your

fckn design

Season 2, Episode 4

with Gwen Dittmar

Gwen Dittmar is the Queen of Human Design, Spiritual Psychology & Breathwork! Gwen explains what Human Design is, how it’s useful, and how it can improve your mental health. Gwen reads Brennas chart and they dive into what it all means

Real fckn Me

with fckn me

Season 2, Episode 1

with Brenna Guinan

Goodbye Season 1, Hello Season 2! It's the moment we've all been waiting for- a solo episode from Brenna herself. Brenna shares a bit about her upbringing and what she dealt with as a child. She also shares her education history, as well as how RFT got started! Brenna is always asking others to share their stories, and it's about time she shares her own.

this too shall

fckn pass

Season 1, Episode 29

with Adam D’aleo

This week on RFT Brenna sits down with life long friend and fellow Long Islander Adam D’aleo. Although the two dream of a world where coming out as a certain sexuality is no longer necessary, Adam discusses his own journey in coming into his own and learning to not only accept himself, but love himself. While Adam is “living his best life”, he doesn’t forget his hardships but uses them to view the world around him with love, understanding and ultimately acceptance - while binge watching the latest season of The Real Housewives of course.

We're FCKN 


Season 1, Episode 26

with Lauren Larkin

Lauren is back and better than ever! With the Holidays right around the corner, Lauren felt it was time to share her history with disordered eating. She gives tips about how to set boundaries with family & friends, the toxicity about commenting on people's weight, and how a "cheat day" meal is actually very toxic mentally. 

FCKN bedazzled

pill bottle

Season 1, Episode 23

with Karli Altman

Brenna chats with founder of Good Humans Only, Karli Altman. Karli shares how GHO got started & shares wisdom about boundary work, grief, self-care and much more.

What's FCKN


Season 1, Episode 20

with Everett Weston

Everett Weston, US Army Veteran & former cast member of Bravo TV's Summer House, and Co-Founder of Operation Heal Our Heroes chats with Brenna about his passion for raising awareness and resources to reduce the invisible burdens shouldered by our nation's Veterans.



Season 1, Episode 17

with Kelly King

Brenna is joined by Kelly King, a certified integrative health coach who uses food to positively impact her physical and mental health. Kelly chats about social media pressures in relation to body acceptance & content creation.

FCKN flight

or fright

Season 1, Episode 14

with Lacy & Sarah

Brenna chats with Lacy & Sarah, who share their story about being kidnapped by gang members on their way home from dinner in Orange County, CA. L+S discuss what happened that night and how it has impacted them and their mental health. We cover shame, invisible illnesses, & how going through a traumatic event together brought them closer than ever before.

leave it on the 

FCKN ice

Season 1, Episode 11

with Theo Fleury

Theo Fleury is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player. His NHL career was ended early by his battle with drugs & alcohol. Theo has been sober since 2005 & shares his story and all he's learned in the last 16 years.

"be a  FCKN 


Season 1, Episode 8

with Addison Brasil

Addison Brasil is the VP and Co-Founder of Tethr. Tethr is a peer-to-peer support app for men to connect with each other. From his own experiences dealing with the loss of his brother at a young age & his dad a few years later, he knew men needed a safe space to talk about their emotions with other men.

cryin in the 

FCKN club

Season 1, Episode 5

with Ailis DeTommaso

Brenna & producer, Ailis DeTommaso have a light hearted chat that has absolutely nothing to do with mental health. Listen if you need to laugh!

we're all 

FCKN crazy

Season 1, Episode 2

with Eric Kussin

Brenna is joined by Eric Kussin, founder of the non-profit, We're All A Little 'Crazy' The Global Mental Health Alliance. Eric was an 18-year sports executive who worked for the NBA & NHL until a debilitating mental health crisis stopped his career and life in its tracks for over 2 and a half years. After many failed treatment modalities, he was lucky enough to learn healing practices that enabled him to find a higher calling, which is how his non-profit was born. Listen to Eric speak in depth about his experience with shock therapy, and inpatient treatment facilities that were not helpful for him.

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