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"Normalizing mental health is so important, and this podcast creates a platform for opening up and normalizing mental struggles in a lighthearted manner."

real fckn talk

was born in May of 2020. During the craziness that was quarantine, Brenna (somewhat jokingly) came up with the idea of starting a podcast. With the support of her loved ones, she recorded the first episode in her car with zero equipment, just her phone and some airpods. Her mission was to start normalizing conversations about mental health & she had no idea how many individuals out there were looking for a podcast just like this. 

It’s safe to say the podcast quickly took off far beyond Brennas expectations. In 6 months and with only 28 episodes, it traveled to 17 countries & has over 8k subscribers. With guests like Hannah Berner, Lindsey Metselaar, Cameron Rogers, Everett Weston & Theo Fleury, Brenna has been successful in shattering the idea that people who have a seemingly perfect life, actually don’t. 

If you or someone you know wants more information on the podcast, guest inquiries, or partnership opportunities please email Brenna at realfckntalk@gmail.com.

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