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A podcast dedicated to breaking down the walls of everyone’s “perfect” life.

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About the Host

Brenna Guinan has been an independent, outgoing and ambitious individual for as long as she (or anyone who knows her) can remember. Born and raised on Long Island, NY, she has always had a “go-getter” attitude, and is not afraid to take risks to go after her dreams....



FCKN flight

or fright

Thank you for being

a FCKN friend

Dumped on my FCKN birthday

Episode 14 with Lacy & Sarah

Brenna chats with Lacy & Sarah, who share their story about being kidnapped by gang members on their way home from dinner in Orange County, CA. L+S discuss what happened that night and how it has impacted them and their mental health. We cover shame, invisible illnesses, & how going through a traumatic event together brought them closer than ever before.

Episode 22 with Lauren Larkin

Lauren and Brenna are besties for the resties, and they also happen to both be mental health counselors in NY! In this episode, L+B sit down to discuss how friendships evolve throughout your 20’s & 30’s, how to cope when you have a falling out with a friend, and how to nurture the important friendships in your life.

Episode 28 with Lindsey Metselaar

Lindsey Metselaar is the host of the millennial dating podcast, We Met At Acme & the creator of the instagram account @DontExpectSalads. Lindsey shares her experience of having an unhealthy relationship with mairjuana and alcohol, how it affected her dating life, and how Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy changed her life

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